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My biggest reaction to the book was one of helplessness.  I found that reading about Olemaun's disbelief at the experiences of her parents and sister as they tried to dissuade her from wanting to go to residential school, and knowing the reality that she would find when she got there from my own previous knowledge about residential schools was like watching a horror film.  You know the scene where the girl is running from the murderer in the forest at night and decides to seek refuge in the abandoned cabin?  How you want to scream at the screen that it's not safe?  to keep running?  But knowing that it won't matter and she'll die anyway?  That.


Some people won't like the scrapbook feel to the book with its photographs, annotations, and appendix.  Personally, I went through and pretty much read all the marginalia, photos, and extra material at the back first before I started the narrative.  I've pretty much always done that when I read texts like this one with a variety of approaches to communicating information.  And I find if I've read the vocabularly, for instance, before I encounter it in the narrative that it 1) allows me to predict with more confidence as I read and 2) allows my reading to flow with less interruption/confusion about unknown words.